The Wire – Season 1 Cliff Notes

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More opinionated that Wikipedia.

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2011 in film

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It’s an exciting time.  You are alive, the sun is going to come up tomorrow, and there are lots of good movies to watch.  Several of them were released last year. Continue reading ‘2011 in film’

Tropa de Elite

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Elite Squad 1 and 2 are political action movies from Brazil directed by Joseph Padilho, who made a really good and important documentary in Brazil about a bus hijacking crisis that got even more fucked up due to the media clusterfuck surrounding it. The Tropa films are fictional, however, and Padilho wrote the movies with another dude, Braulio Mantovani, who wrote City of God. Unlike City of God, the Elite Squad movies are not feel-good comedies. Continue reading ‘Tropa de Elite’

Mad Men cliff notes

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So there’s this guy, Don Draper, and although he’s a successful married ad exec by day, at night he is a serial killer who prowls about murdering prostitutes.  But they cut out all the scenes of him serial killing, so instead he’s a successful married ad exec with a pervasive sense of dark mystique surrounding him.  Who is this guy?  What are his values?  What makes him tick?

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Das Racist – Shut Up Dude

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Hip hop is discouraging to talk about because I feel like I have to battle uphill just to introduce this shit.  I guess a lot of the stuff you hear on the radio isn’t very good, and people develop an impression that this represents the limits of an entire artform or some such crudeness.

However.  Somebody interested enough in music and life to read things on the internet about them probably has given this genre some consideration.  Continue reading ‘Das Racist – Shut Up Dude’

Red Giant – Dysfunctional Majesty

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You simply cannot front on the way these guys combine riff and rhythm.  The guitar licks are like non-Euclidian polygons, and listening through a song is like navigating a three-dimensional construction of an MC Escher drawing.  This has always been the case, however much the band has mutated from it’s sprawling “take you on a journey” approach into succinct “melt your brain with a laser” methodology. Continue reading ‘Red Giant – Dysfunctional Majesty’

Prince of Persia 2

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The sequel to Jordan Mechner’s pivotal platformer, Prince of Persia 2: The Shadow and the Flame (Prince 2 hereafter) succeeds in the primary aspects a sequel must: it addresses a few of the original game’s problematic aspects while preserving the heart and soul of what made Prince of Persia so beloved.

Mechner studied video footage of the human body running, jumping, and climbing as the basis for the original game’s animation, and the result was drastically more immersive than the experience of manipulating your avatar in Mario or Pitfall.  Gamers of that era no doubt remember cringing at the shocking realism of the Prince’s bloody impalements and dismemberments,  Continue reading ‘Prince of Persia 2’